Monday, 12 May 2014

Learn / Teach / Enjoy

When was the last time you jacked off in front of your spouse or partner? Have you ever??
Sadly, most people view jerking off as a last-ditch resolution; it should only be done when our balls ache and feel like they weigh 5 pounds each. They think masturbation is a poor substitute, a replacement for the "real thing." Even sadder, this attitude was started by men and is perpetuated by men.
But, the truth is jacking off is a wonderful supplement to sex. It should be done as a complement to sex. And we can learn so much about a long term relationship partner by masturbating for and with one another. I've jacked off in front of my wife many, many times over the years. Not in a hurried, "I just need to get my rocks off" kind of way either. Rather a nice slow, leisurely, pleasurable wank with a fountain of cum. And, I can't tell you how many blow jobs and hand jobs it's led to. As a result, she's gotten so much better at both.
But there have been many, many times she's offered to help and I've declined. The relaxed enjoyment, immense pleasure of extending the sensations for as long as I wanted was exceptional; the ability to shoot my load of jizz when I was good and ready made all the difference.
So, give it a try guys - especially all you straight, married dudes out there. Instead of hurriedly whacking off while sitting in the bathroom, or desperately pounding away in the shower
 - you'll be surprised at how liberating it is. If she asks what you're doing, tell her, "I just feel like jacking off."
Next time you're feeling a little horny, start slow by teasing your cock, get it good and hard before you shove a hand down your pants...
 Work up a nice slick pool of pre-cum for your cockhead to slide through.
 Play and tease, grab and massage your nuts so that when you do open your pants your cock pops and springs free, slapping against your stomach.

Then slowly stroke and play. Show them what you like done and how you like it done. Take all the time you want to build up that ejaculation, before you cum.







Your cock was meant to be enjoyed and masturbation is, or should be, a great part of that pleasure.

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