Monday, 2 June 2014

Have a Little Fun

Well, May is over and it was a great month. I love it because it's all about encouraging folks to discover and enjoy their sexual selves. I shall trust you will all continue to enjoy yourselves.

And, now we are into June - Men's Health Month. But, before we embark on a month that can, at times, become quite serious, it's time for a little fun.
Besides, they're LOADS of fun.

Good thing the Prof has a sense of humor

"I'm just gonna hang out here a while. Ok, Bro?"

No, not a soul. Keep going, buddy!

Though the Visconti triplets never seemed to care before, they arm wrestle to see who cums first.

Your buddy's boner: The latest in Punching Bags

New cock ring for Beach or Locker Room

Sorry, you'll just have to suck cock for a better grade this time

A little carried away there, eh? Ya gotta watch that elbow, bro!

What it feels like when a guy is super horny

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