Tuesday, 23 September 2014

OW!! My Balls!

It's been probably four years since I went in for a sonogram on my balls (wherein the technician gave me a huge boner)
which verified the varicocele (varicose veins of the balls) in both.
The left is the worst - typical for all men because of the angle of the veins. And they are more prevalent in guys between the ages of 14 and 40. (Another good reason fathers need to be more open and honest with their sons about their packages.)

It's usually a dull ache, something I thought I had gotten used to - some days are worse than others.
Well, I woke up with extreme morning wood and a pain in my left nut.
Thinking the pain would subside (as fast as my boner), I got out of bed and headed outside to take my morning whizz.
Well, sir, the pain radiated from my left nut, down into my inner thigh and up into my abdomen and left side. I got nauseated, began to sweat profusely, and thought I would pass out. My left groin was very swollen - I thought my ball was going to explode. Honest.
As I sat with my legs spread wide and my balls hanging, the swelling went down and the pain lessened considerably. My wife woke up and came out to the patio where I sat, took one look at me and wanted to rush me to the ER. She said I was as pale as milk. Nope, didn't go.
A little bit of web research and found the answer... The position of my leg in relationship to my nuts, coupled with my extreme hard-on,
had caused the vein to be compressed so the blood pooled and swelled the vein, and hurt like a motherfucker. Left to get worse, it can lead to the complete death of a nut.
When you do that Ball Check, look for this as well - particularly if you are over 50 and have just developed varicocele - it could be a sign of ball cancer. Thankfully, my sonogram proved otherwise.

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