Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Morning Wood

In the olden days we still thought that all those night-time and morning hard-on's were brought on by dreams and considered it lucky we hadn't soaked ourselves in geysers of cum to boot!
No matter how often we jacked off.
My brother and I laid on our beds across the room from one another stroking our cocks til rockets of cum blasted all over us. And we both still woke up with boners harder than the wooden posts of the beds.



Through the military boot camp, we all laid on our bunks that were separated by about three feet and jacked off. Within fifteen minutes the entire room reeked of cum. Yet, mornings found every guy in the barracks bounding out of bed with their bouncing boners leading them to the latrine.

And suddenly the morning hard-on became known as the Piss Hard-on. Your cock was rock solid to close off the bladder.
At my first assignment, my bunk mate and I jacked off every night. And every morning we both woke up with humongous hard-on's. His subsided as he pissed in the sink in our room; mine would finally go down when I made it to the latrine at the end of the hall.

Through college, dorm mates at first were all concerned, trying their best to hide the fact they jerked off. And hide the morning boner. It took me telling them they had nothing to hide or be ashamed of; they could stroke one out any time they felt like it and they never had to hide a hard-on from me. But, after getting laid or pounding one out the night before - dawn found our dicks stiff.


In my first marriage, we fucked like bunnies every night and still, each morning, there it was - standing up hard and proud much to her chagrin.
With my second wife, no matter how many times she got my rocks off the night before, to her amazement, my cock would be hard as nails when the alarm clock rang.
Now we know what those boners are all about.
But, what was your own reaction, what did you think, before you knew the truth?

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